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Home Accessories

My passion for weaving has reignited, so I dove deep back into working with beautiful fabrics, yarns and ropes. I’ve realized that every time I make a new creation, that life is like a divine tapestry, each thread is vital to the overall picture.

However, when making a tapestry the overall design only begins to make sense when viewed from a higher perspective. I often reuse some high quality garments to bring them to life again as well as hand-painted silk, wool and a variety of natural fibers.

If you resonate with my house and wall installations, but cannot find the perfect fit, let’s weave a custom piece into magic together.

enjoy the journey


Fiber Installations in Yucatan Hacienda

I have recently created several fiber installations and a lamp for the vacation home in Merida, Mexico. I was inspired by bountifulness of local materials and their neutral colour as well as the structure of this beautifully renovated 19th century house.

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I've got several of Jelena's scarves over the years and they certainly never go unnoticed. With their original design, a unique combination of colours and exquisite detailing, they transform every outfit and my mood with it. I am a huge fan of her paintings as well! Recently, Jelena painted a bold, beautiful mural in our home in Whistler. We wanted the house to blend in with its natural surroundings as much as possible and Jelena's work truly embodied the spirit of the place. I cannot wait to see what her creative journey will bring us next!

Natasha J. client and home owner, whistler


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