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Sacred Geometry

I use high quality materials such as silk, velvet to create this elegant Sacred Geometry Wearable Art Collection. I hand-paint each symbol design onto the finished garment. For this reason, your order may
slightly vary from the website picture representation. Be open to what comes through!

Sacred Geometry is an ancient science that explores and explains the energy patterns that create and unify all things and reveals the precise way that the energy of creation organizes itself. Every natural pattern of growth or movement comes back to one or more geometric shapes. The molecules of DNA, the cornea of our eye, snowflakes, flower petals, crystals, a shell, the stars, the galaxy we spiral within, the air we breathe and all life forms are created out of geometric codes.

Through observing and contemplating geometry shapes/codes they can reveal deep wisdom, opening up to life and creation of the universe itself. Certainly, they have for me, as I have explored them through my own healing and empowerment journey. I translate them onto my garments, they give them high frequencies of energy and life , they can help you activate, heal, awaken and transform your life. The symbols are like codes that assist you in your journey of life but also they can be used more consciously to bring about deep soul awakening and connection to our true divine essence.

In this collection may you find one symbol that can bring you lots of healing, harmonizing and re-balancing on all levels and connect the inner and outer uniting all. 

Enjoy the journey


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